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Phillips Water Well Drilling is a borehole drilling contractor based in Herefordshire and operates in the surrounding counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Shropshire, the West Midlands, & South Wales.

We undertake borehole drilling for the purposes of industrial, agricultural, & domestic water supply. We offer a complete package from your initial contact through to the borehole completion, and pumping equipment installation, tailored to the customers requirements.

Our other services include, borehole maintenance and rehabilitation. We also supply additional equipment for boreholes such as, booster systems and borehole filtration equipment.

Borehole Drilling

Groundwater is one of UK’s most valuable natural resources. Even though most large cities get their water from surface sources such as lakes, rivers and dams, it is estimated that there is ten times as much fresh water below the land surface than in all the lakes and rivers combined. Groundwater is a far safer water source than surface water because it is protected by soil or rock and is not so easily contaminated. A properly constructed water well is the best way to insure that the water you drink is safe and clean.

A properly constructed borehole/water well should last a lifetime. Whether drilling a borehole for industrial units or for a domestic supply there are several important key factors which should be considered before drilling proceeds.

  • The location of the borehole and the design should be upper most. The borehole should be drilled as far away from any potential harmful contaminants as possible.
  • The minimum yield, this is the least amount of water the borehole would produce in order to make the it viable.
  • The geological formations that will be drilled and the chances of potential aquifers.
  • The depth and the diameter of the finished well, this varies on smaller projects depending on drilling conditions, but is important on larger ones as pumping equipment must be planned for at the outset.

All casings, liners and screens used should be to water authority regulations standards or (B.S. 879) and a gravel pack should be installed to act as a filter media whenever possible, a sanitary seal should be set below ground, the depth depending on over burden formation and either cased or grouted up to ground or chamber level.

Borehole Services

Some boreholes have been disused or unserviced for many years. With the rising costs of water rates, many farms and small holdings are choosing to recommission these to put them back into production.

Our services include deepening existing boreholes, cleaning and re-lining by several different methods to suit the situation. Where possible this is a cheaper option than drilling a new hole.

We also offer pump services, where we can recover old rod pumps of either wind mill driven or engine, to repair and replace, or ADD new submersible and surface pumps. Other aspects of our work in this area are pressure vessels, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, and water softeners.

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